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January 24, 2012 - "Pilot Point Bank"

Last week when our photo group shot at PIlot Point, Texas we were unaware of some of the towns history.

"Built in 1896, the Farmers & Merchants Bank, with its Richardsonian Romanesque architecture, is a focal point of The Square. It closed during the depression and never reopened as a bank. This is possibly why Bonnie & Clyde were not able to rob it until the 1967 movie." -

"This turn-of-the-century bank building was used in the scene where Bonnie (Faye Dunaway), Buck Barrow (Gene Hackman), and Clyde (Warren Beatty) burst into a busy bank and Clyde has to repeat loudly, "This is a stick-up!" before anyone takes notice. Meanwhile, C. W. Moss (Michael Pollard) - a composite of W. D. Jones and Henry Methvin - waits outside. This is also the scene where Clyde tells a farmer to keep the money he has in his hand (inspired, obviously, by a similar incident that occurred during a real Barrow gang robbery in Lancaster, Texas) and Buck takes some sunglasses off the face of an elderly bank guard and tells him to take a good look, saying, "I'm Buck Barrow!"." -

Pilot Point BankBonnie Clydetexasbank

From Daily Photos - 2012